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Attorneys in Washington Law Group have participated in one or more of the following recoveries

  • $8 million jury verdict
  • $5 million
  • $3 million judgment
  • $2.59 million
  • $1.74 million
  • $1.5 million
  • $1.3 million
  • $1 million
  • $965,000

Jaime has practiced law for over 25 years. The synergy that has persisted in this Washington law firm since its foundation in 1993 is a powerful mix of mutual respect, cooperation, and dedication to the fundamental rights of individuals. These principles have guided us through the recovery of millions of dollars for injured consumers.

Washington Law Group wrote the script and assisted in producing the national Better Business Bureau Video Series title Crash Course: what to know before and after a collision. This latest title in the Better Business Bureau Video Series, developed in association with the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, will teach consumers:

(1) What they need to know about insurance and traffic safety before a collision occurs.
(2) Tips at the scene of a crash.
(3) What they need to know after a collision. The DVD features a unique and engaging interactive menu that guides viewers through the three chapters, similar to an interactive adventure novel.

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